We strongly believe in young people and their potentials. We gladly provide them with the space and time, so as to obtain valuable working experience in real time working conditions, within a company that is always on a creative alert.

We encourage every young person – who most certainly, complies with our prerequisites (which believe us are a lot!)- to unfold their talent and ideas, to work with us and basically to make the transition from theory to actual implementation and action.

The selection procedure though is especially strict given the fact that it’s similar to the one we apply for our executives’ selection. However, when it comes to selecting a candidate for an internship position we do take into consideration that usually applicants don’t have previous working experience.

Our goal is that by the time you complete your internship in ClickMedia, this experience to become the vehicle to a great professional development.

We only select those candidates who, after the end of their internship, want and can become full members of our team.

However, before sending us your resume, you have to be 100% sure that you have:

  • very good or excellent knowledge of all the technologies regarding your field
  • passion about τηε internet, new technologies and new ideas
  • imagination and creative spirit
  • team spirit and strong will to extend your knowledge in order to incorporate with the team’s function and fully comply with the rules
  • the ability to work in a demanding working environment, undertaking projects with specific timetables and deadlines, in cooperation with other team-workers.
  • the willingness to stand out through your work.

Application for Internship

If you are interested in doing your internship with the ClickMedia team, send us your resume using the form below. Do not forget to mention the time and the subject you are interested in! And …. you may be the next member of our team!

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